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V-CNC system(cnc simulator)analyses a NC code programmed, and transmits machine-commands to the virtual controller. The Virtual CNC machine simulates the NC code in the 3-dimentional environments.

V-CNC(cnc simulator)is educational software for machining part based on PC environment. Trainer can achieve high efficiency in CNC education with lowbudget.

V-CNC System(cnc simulator)which is new educational trainer equipment for providing 21C will be a good partner.

V-CNC V4 Feature
- Easy program : Machining process wizard and animation function for each Process
- Realistic simulation : Enhancement for virtual machine and NC Data analysis function
- Accurate verification : result dimension verification, tool path and add over/under cut verification function
- Provide national authorized test: develop the Exam CNC providing national authorized test by CNC simulation
Virtual CNC Machining View
- 3D Machine realization as same as real machine
- Offers cutting simulation by NC Code real-time analysis
- Easy work-part setting and cutting zero-point automatic setting
- offer various Tool library
Tool Library   Work-Part
controller screen and controller panel
- Identical screen display with real controller
- cutting Undo function
- adjust Feed-rate and offer MPG(Manual Pulse Generator)function
- Execute Sing Block and Dry Run function
- When it occur error, offers various alarm
Collision Check   Fanuc controller   Siemens controller
Work-part verification
* Dimensional check
- Measures the machined work part
- Saves and prints the drawing
- Displays any coordinates by clicking
- Measures the distance between two points
- View any sections, displays dimension and save thedrawing
Examination and Verification (Optional)
- Gouge Check
. Displays the over/under cutting with spectrum
. User defined spectrum color
. Measures the over/under cutting amount on any coordinates by clicking
. Sets Rendering speed and model color
. Measures the distance between two points
. Toggles the grid background
. Dynamic view control
- Scoring and Reporting the result
. Scores the work part by user defined scoring parameters
. Scores a lot of machined work parts and makes the reports in one screen
Milling Verification   Turning Verification   Over/Under Cutting Check   Scoring Function
Training Support
- NC Code wizard function
- Machining Preparation Wizard
- 2D CAD/CAM linked education
- Interface with DNC(RS232C)
- Printing the tool path and the current view
G-code wizard   Machining Preparation Wizard
System Requirements




CPU i3 i5~
HDD 300GB 500GB~
GRAPHIC 1024X768 1024X768~
OS WindowsXP/Vista/Windows7
Case study
1.Mechanics department/Gucheon Vocational Ability Development Center in Hokkaido,Japan

CNC machine program is provided for people seeking work in machinery and employee re-education at Gucheon Vocational Ability Development Center in Hokkaido, Japan. Through practical exercises in the simulator using the computer prior to maneuver machine operation, errors can be reduced and safety enhanced. Education started in 2002 and 300 students are produced per year.

2.Machine Design & Manufacture department/Incheon Human Resource Development Institute,Korea

V-CNC is designed to increase the ability of job-seekers and workers. NC program and machine processing procedures are provided. For students who handle processing machines or are learning the new technique for the first time, educational efficiency is increased by substituting machine maneuver exercises with simulation lessons to make up for the shortage in machine numbers.

=>Effects of V-CNC from case study

Through a perfect simulation of the movement and controller of the maneuvering machine used in real-life environment, human resources that can be directly deployed in workplaces can be trained.
A wide variety of practical exercises with controller and machine is available.
Training efficiency of NC programming is enhanced to facilitate linked education in CAM.
After setting up NC program, simulation in advance is possible to enhance the safety of practical exercise equipment.
Enables a wide variety of practical exercises.
Can be used to test technicians-Production automation technician/industrial technician, numerical control shelf/milling technician, computerized processing industrial technicians(in case of Korea).
Prevents in advance the defects that can occur during actual processing through simulation.
Replaces the training program maneuvering device with a PC to maximize the efficiency of the training budget regarding investment in equipment.

What Users Say About V-CNC!
  *Testimonial 1:-School: KOREA POLYTECHNIC COLLEGE

-Dept. : International
Cooperation Team

-User : Director,
Hyun Kang Kim
(Ansgario H. Kim)
Machine wizard and G-code wizard function of V-CNC are very good for education.
So students can study it by themselves with ease and fun.
Also, controller & machine simulation are perfect like real machines.
Various verification functions are more superior to other CNC simulation programs.
Thus, I am satisfied with my choice, V-CNC!


-Dept. : Computer-Aided Machinery department
-User : The head of department,Byeong Ho Yu
It is good for education effects: if a collision occurs between the tool and structure during the simulation, the collision location and a solution are displayed on the screen as a conversation.
Also, I trust this software and cubictek, because of V-CNC is updated constantly and good service of cubictek's man.


-Dept. : Direccion Carrera
de mantenimiento
Industrial y Procesos
de Produccion

-User : M.E. Abel A. Santacruz A.
V-CNC has many education learning function and practice example.
Cubictek's service is unlimited. I always thanks cubictek people!

*Box : Manual, CD, Lock(dongle) etc.

-CD : Software install file
-Hard Lock : Parallel port type, USB type (multi or single)
-Soft Lock : Hard-Disk type, Lan card type.
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