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-CAM for the automation of Die-Bush Hole Machining of Press Die
- The new concept Software which overcome the limit of existing manual work processing
- Realization of un-manned machining by ATC
- Not only Bush hole but also arbitrary-shape hole, Pin-hole, scrap-hole etc
- One-Shot NC-Generation

   - User definable machining condition
   - Profile (Non-circle hole) Machining
   - Simultaneous rough, Finishing NC Generation
   - Clean-up NC Generation
   - Auto setting for start point by shape
   - Helical machining
   - L/R mirror NC Generation
   - Tool Diameter compensation NC post(G41, G42)

     Process Flow

     Easy of Usage"One Click OK"
- One Click Operation: Simultaneous NC-Generation includes
  Bush-hole, Pin-hole, Scrap-hole and arbitrary-shape hole, upper-die & Pad
- LH,RH mirror NC Generation
- Helical Tool-path Reducing cutting time & step.

     Standardization of processing
   - Data Base: Bush-hole, Machining Condition, Tool standardization
   - It is suitable for company design standard
     of paperless etc..by 3D design standard

     Various hole support
   - Freely definable hole type
   - In case of arbitrary hole type, All NC
     (include roughing, finishing, clean-up)which is
     defined by user are generated at once.

     Necessity and concept
   - The new concept Software which jumps over the limit of existing manual machining
   - The specific machining part where there is are
     many troubles for applying automation machining technology.
   - Competitive power high position from Product quality improvement and cost saving etc.
   - Because of change from 2D design to 3D design, improved machining environment.
   - Solution which overcomes the limit of existing CAD/CAM


   - Paperless realization

   - Paperless realization
   - Remarkable improvement of manual work, Key-in time


   - Epoch-making improvement of defective occurrence
   - Previously interception of occurrence factor like Workers' mistake,Key-In miss

     Work Flow

 Artificial intelligence Hole info. extraction module which recognize complex and various type of holes.
   - hole automatic recognition from CAD models
   - Hole types according to form, use and processing precision classification
   - Hole GNC plan supports which are not classified (Hole division - Hole creation by step)
   - Horizontal/vertical hole recognitions
   - Inclination hole recognition
   - Both direction processing hole recognition
   - Precision recognition of the surface of a wall and bottom
   - Assigned hole automatic classification by set up
   - Processing possible direction with automatic recognition
   - Recognition broken hole as one
   - Recognition when connection part between step is general plane
   - Hole list in compliance with a user designation rule
   - O-ring, Sanp ring recognition
   - Vertical standard plane Hole recognition (Hole filter rings)
   - Hot runner Hole recognition (If section curve is simple one)
   - inclination standard plan Hole recognitions
   - Core Hole recognition: Compose the step which is sticking in core hole as independent Hole
   - Anti-rotation key part automatic recognition
   - Hole manual recognition functional support


System Requirements




CPU i3 i5~
HDD 300GB` 500GB
GRAPHIC 1280X1024 1280X1024~
OS WindowsXP/Vista/Windows7

Case study
*Box : Manual, CD, Lock(dongle) etc.

*CD : Software install file
*Hard Lock : Parallel port type, USB type (multi or single)
*Soft Lock : Hard-Disk type, Lan card type.
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