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The profile shape of Trimming Die or Flange Die which are manufactured in automobile and die factory is almost not 2D curve in plane but is curve in space. But most of them relies on manual operation at machining because there is not CAM system supplying profile machining. 3D-PRO generates NC data excluding collision with hold and shank and over cutting from 3D curve.
- NC data generation without over cutting from 3D Curve
- NC data generation without shank/holder collision
- Helical Interpolation machining
- 3D, 2D tool diameter compensation support(G41, G42)
- Normal Offset : Maintain steady cutting depth
- Auto Clean Up machining (considering machining load)
- Collision Avoidance
- Batch Process
- Relief machining
- Tool path generation considering interference between curves
- Tool collision verification
- Verified system on various controller
- (Fanuc, Tosnuc, Okuma, Siemens, etc)
Offset Machining / Relief Machining
- Machining maintaining steady machining width in normal direction of curve (X-Z plane)
Relief Machining
- Machining maintaining trim face thickness
- Prevention of over cutting around inclined area by NC-Path offset to maintain Relief depth.
Actual Machining Test
Global offet Machining
Machining Types
Global Machining
- Whole curve machining
- Auto NC data generation by checking interference of curves
- Roughing / Finishing by using Machining Allowance
Local Machining
- After checking uncut area, auto part Clean Up machining
- NC data generation overlapped with Previous NC path around approach and retract area
Clean-UP Machining
- Auto gradual repeated machining at uncut area
- Auto part Clean Up machining by checking uncut area by each tools
- Overcome machining load by using user-define cutting depth(z-pitch)
Clean-up Machining Local Machining
Collision Avoidance
- NC data generation without shank/holder collision.
- Collision avoidance NC-Data Generation by collision algorithm.
Collision Avoidance
Batch Process
Continuous repeated machining
Roughing/Finishing/Clean Up support
Offering Machining supplement(repetation macnining) by tool deflection.
One-shot process from rough-cutting to clean up-cutting.
Batch Process
System Requirements




CPU i3 i5~
HDD 300GB 500GB~
GRAPHIC 1280X1024 1280X1024~
OS WindowsXP/Vista/Windows7
Case study
Machining Concept
Case study 1
Company Automobile Maker
Press Die Item SIDE_OTR
Process OP40
Modeler Catia V4.
Curves 11(trim lines)
Profile Types Profile Machining with Offset(G41)
Machine Siemens 840D
Work Bench CPU : P4 / RAM : 512 / VGA : ATI 64M

Work sheet
Machining Process
Tool DB - In this case study, it is used 10 tools to make NC-Data.
Using TOOL
Using TOOL
Tool DB - In this case study, it is used 10 tools to make NC-Data.
Cut Info
-Pro Cut. Condition
60 Global 50 Global 40 Global
30 Global 25 Global 20 Global
16 Local 12 Local 10 Local
4 Local    
NC Generation
Machining Results
Whole CL Data Global
Local Clean up
Relief Machining
Global Machining - movie
Clean up Machining - movie
Comparison Machining Time
- Case study2
Company HMC 1'st Cooperation DIE MAKER
Press Die Item CTR FLOOR
Process OP20<TR/PIE>
Modeler Catia V4.
Profile Types Profile Machining with Offset(G41)
Machine SNK RB4NM/CS
- Time
  They Could Reduce 43% of machining time comparing to 2D- machining.
Comparison NC Generation Time
- Case study3
Company HMC 1'st Cooperation NC-SHOP
Press Die Item LWR LH
Process OP20
Modeler Catia V4.
Profile Types Profile Machining with Offset(G41)
Work Bench CPU : P4 / RAM : 512 / VGA : GEForce 128M
- Time
  They could Reduce 38% of process time comparing to 2D NC Generation.
[Including CAD Modeling(CATIA Curve Extracting)]

*Box : Manual, CD, Lock(dongle) etc.

*CD : Software install file
*Hard Lock : Parallel port type, USB type (multi or single)
*Soft Lock : Hard-Disk type, Lan card type.
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