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V-MECA is the abbreviation of Virtual-Mechatronics
Mechatronics is a virtual word composed of Mechanism and Electronics, it is a learning for this complexes technology
V-MECA is specific mechatronics simulation software which design and assemble structure or mechanism, and control it with electric and PLC
* Comfortable design tool considering user's convenience
- 3D Multi-window for user's intuition
- Free view setting with mouse control(Rotation, Zooming in/out, Movement, View divide)
- Tree view type various Library (Conveyor, Robot, Sensor, Cylinder, Motor, Switch)
* Free modeling structure
- Primitive design such as cylinder, sphere, cubic,………
- Rendering point, line, plane,…………
* Various structure parameter definition
- Definition of Fixation, linear, rotation movement method
- Setting up ON/OFF, darkness, position,color of a source of light
- Setting up point, parallel, concentrated light source, material
- Controllable speed of Real Time Simulation
- Checks collision in manipulators
* Electric
- Actual electric wiring diagram design that internal structure viewable
- Setting up a capacity of electric source, motor, LED, Relay
- The elements of Single phase and Triple phase AC /DC
- Input/Output, Transform, Safe device
- Setting up color and thickness of wiring
- Error message when short circuit
- Supporting IEC standard
- Each component function chart

* Quick PLC program
- LD, FBD, SFC of IEC,.. programming language supported
- Plural number of PLC program could be executed simultaneously
- To make Tag List and to print it
* Exact PLC design function
- Setting up the number of IN/OUT channel
- Direct connection using channel of PLC and Equipment
- Plural PLC supported
* Simulation & Interface
- Checking and monitoring on program during simulation
- Confirming variable value through time chart
- Communication through RS232C between Real PLC and software
- Communication through interface card between actuator and software
* e-Education
- Study program step by step and practice example
  Study Target >> Study Content>>Summary>>Test
- Theory of electrics and PLC
- Various plant control example
System Requirements




CPU i3 i5~
HDD 500GB 500GB~
GRAPHIC 1024X768 1024X768~
OS WindowsXP/Vista/Windows7
- Verification and virtual-practice of various electric circuit
- Pre-simulation: safety of exercise equipment
- Technician exmination model provide
- Postive guidance for students
- New education system
- Support for expansion to automation education

Case Study
1.Fusion-Tech Mechanics department,Bupyeong Technical High School

Bupyeong Technical High School has added the subject of Fusion-Tech Mechanics department to its curriculum in 2003, and equipped its 2-automation control classrooms with V-HPS and V-MECA to enable the students that are familiar with PCs to engage in easy and convenient lessons. Through hydraulics, electrics, and PLC lessons, students are developed as production automation, mechatronics, and hydraulic&pneunatic technicians.

=>Effects of V-MECA from case study

Staged exercises for training in parts essential in automation available.
On-site adaptation ability increased through PLC exercises in diverse models.
Simulation in advance possible for automation line construction and correction.
Reduced investment costs through control of exercise equipment even without PLC.

What Users Say About V-MECA!

*V-MECA is enable to educate Mechatronics study to advanced level from basic level ,so I makes full use of V-MECA for classes! Also I can record avi file for 3D simulation of V-MECA during education. It is good for education materials.
-Dept. : Direccion Carrera de Mecanica
-User : Ing. Adalberto Perez Arguelles

*Box : Manual, CD, Lock(dongle) etc.

-CD : Software install file
-Hard Lock : Parallel port type, USB type (multi or single)
-Soft Lock : Hard-Disk type, Lan card type.
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