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- Introduction
V-CNC PRO means virtual CNC machine which is designed for educational
 training purposes. You can train controller operation, NC and machining
simulation with V-CNC PRO.
Feature of V-CNC PRO
- Various machine type
  V-CNC PRO provides  machine as follows- 3 axis vertical machining center,
  3 axis horizontal machining center, CNC lathe.
- Tool
  V-CNC PRO provides various tool library and function for better simulation.
  V-CNC PRO provides generally used tools, user definable tools and
attachment tools.
Tool attach Magazine define window
- Various controller
  V-CNC PRO provides various controllers-Fanuc series and Siemens controllers.
  Controllers include soft key and provides various functions like real contorller.
Also  V-CNC PRO supports a special controller.
  There are lots of commercail controllers but their usages and functions are
  very similar. Cubictek developed a neutral controller which could be used
  widely for educational purposes as standard. Neutral controller provides most
  frequently used key pad, button and information screen.
Height pre-setter and touch probe
Height presetter and touch probe are
supported like real machine.
  Height pre-setter and touch probe
Wizard function
V-CNC PRO supports wizard function for beginner.
 If someone who is unskilled about machining follow
  the wizard function, he can
learn the process easily.
  Wizard for machining set up
Mark and verification
After simulation you can check work part
whether the work part is under-cut or
And you can set own scoring standards
and mark the result of simulation with
the scoring standards.
Gouge check & mark
You can make simple drawing of work part
and check work part's dimension with
drawing function.
- Box
- CD
- Manual
- Soft lock or hard lock
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