Administering organization Project Year
H W Corporation Dialogue CAM system for loading Machine tools Project 2013-2014
H Motor Company Simulation system of MCC tool path Project 2012-2013
L Electronics Inc Verification design system of Assembly Project 2012-2013
K MOTORS CORPORATION Verification collision and collision avoidance system of Press panel of Motors structural parts Project 2011-2012
M Mold Auto generation system of Hole machining path of Mold Project 2007-2009
K MOTORS CORPORATION e-WorkSheet & RTMC (Real Time Monitoring & Control) Project 2007
Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Artificial intelligent operation system development for
intelligent expert of Casting & Heat treatment
S Electronics Co., Ltd. Work progress control system building for SAMSUNG MECA Center 2006
G D Motor Company NC Lifecycle Management System development 2004
H Motor Company Automatical generation for corrective welding drawing 2004
Ministry of Commerce,Industry
and Energe
Metallic material engineering center system setup 2003
Ministry of Information and Communication ERP template development for Mold development 2003
Ministry of Commerce,Industry and Energe Manufacturing total system development 2002
H Motor Company Machining management control system building for NC Machining center 2001
Ministry of Science and Technology Digital manufacture system technology of Press die 2000
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