Dialogue CAM system development Project for loading Machine tools of H W Corporation
Bulid MES Active# based Web at M tech (Mold&Die factory of H Tire Co., Ltd.)
Announcement of Casting Process Quality Management System; C-MQCS

  Bulid MES Active# based Web at MTC mold factory of L Electronics Inc
Selection as Parallel robot development project-Source robotics technology development(Ministry of Knowledge Econom)

  Build RTMC at H Motor Group
Bulid MES Active# based Web at mold factory of L Electronics Inc
Performance of Digital Information Support Project of Production site

  Content development project of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism
from Small and Medium Business Administration

  Selection as company subjectivity of Technology innovation project
from Small and Medium Business Administration

  Announcement of Hole-Mation(Press and Mold 3D hole machining solution)
Announcement of V-Machine (Multi-CNC simulation software)
Performance of Manufacturing system Control of Ministry of Knowledge Econom

  ‘Promising Export Firm Certification’ acquisition (The Small & Medium Business Administration)
Industrial Automation, Instrumentation & Measurement Exhibition Participation

  e-Learning (V-CNC/V-MECA) System Provide at HRD (Human Resource Development service of Korea)
‘INNO-BIZ Certification’ acquisition (The Small and Medium Business Administration)
‘A letter of appreciation’ from the Ministry of Education and H.R.D
Announcement of Exam-CNC 1.5
Announcement of IRoDi

  'GS (Good Software) Certification of V-CNC'acquisition (the Ministry of Information and Communication)
HMC (H Motor Corporation) Project (Feed Optimization, RTMC-Real Time Monitoring & Control) Provide.
Announcement of Exam-CNC 1.0

  e-MES was selected as a ¡ "21c oncoming leading technical product" by Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy

  Participate in 'Metal Material Engineering Center Construction' ( Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)

  Participate in 'Manufacture Information Unification System Development' ( Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy)
Announcement of V-ELEQ 1.0, V-MECA 1.0 and FAS system
Announcement of 3D-PRO 1.0

  Award a Prize for Software Industrial Development (President Award)

  Announcement of Z-CAST 1.0 , Z-STAMP 1.0 and V-HPS 1.0
Announcement of ActiveProto
Nominated as a co-research Lab. For 21st century frontier project (MEMS Business)
Nominated as a 2000 National Research Lab. (DDM Business)
'KT (Korea good Technology) Mark Certification of V-CNC' acquisition (Ministry of Science & Technology)
Development of Real Time Monitoring & Control System(RTMC)

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